Saturday, September 21, 2013


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This girl. This girl has perfected her drunken toddler stumble walk. She calls everyone Dada, though I’ve heard her say Maamaaa. Sometimes she says something that sounds like Gacie. She says hey.

She loves her maw maws and Paw paws, but doesn’t like strangers. She loves mama and dada and gets upset when someone goes out the door. She eats lots of different things and likes to share with Lily. She loves the bathroom and tried very hard to get in there. She knows that keys unlock doors and takes all the keys she finds to the doors. She picks up Grace’s backpack and lunch kit and goes to the door to wait. She gets into the animal food and water. She pitches a great fit and bucks and goes limp.

She loves phones and computers and remotes. She still has her mysterious rash, though it’s gotten better.

She loves baby dolls and stuffed animals and is sweet to them. She is curious about things around her. She loves to look at and handle books. She loves cartoons.

She has not been sleeping well lately. She’s been getting up in the middle of the night for a few hours and refuses to go back to sleep, which makes everyone (Scott) miserable.

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