Sunday, September 8, 2013

T-shirt quilt

I’ve been thinking about and researching t-shirt quilts, especially since I’ve lost weight and can’t wear my college shirts anymore. So I figured out what I wanted to do and started cutting.
I cut out the front and backs of the t-shirts as necessary. I wanted a 14-inch square, then add a sashing to make it 18-inches. I picked out the sashing to match pretty well. It turned out better than I expected, but I learned some stuff for Scott’s that I’m going to do later.
It ended up being to narrow, so I’m waiting on some time and inclination to get some other fabric to add to the edges. 
I made 2 tops. I’m going to sew them RST then flip it and quilt it.   MQ1quilt top 2 (2)quilt top 2

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