Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bedtime Prayers

I read a prompt tonight at midweek asking about who taught you to pray. I think most of us just pick it up as we go along, but I've made an effort to pray with Gracie at bedtimes. At first I taught her a simple prayer "Dear Jesus, be with  . . . .. . . and be with me. I love you, Jesus, Amen." She repeated it after me until she got it down, then she said it. Then she wanted me to repeat after her, which I didn't want to do, so I prayed silently while she prayed out loud. Then she wanted to know what I was praying about, which was her, so she made me pray out loud. So I laid hands on her and prayed out loud,"Dear Lord, Thank you so much for this wonderful blessing you've given to us. Please help Scott and I be the best parents we can for her. Be with her this week at school. Help her to be humble and strong. Lead her to be your servant. Be with her teacher and friends at school. Be with her future spouse and his parents. Help them to raise him to be a wonderful, Godly man for her. Be with her future teachers and help her to have a great week." Of course, she loves that. Now she prays for me in a similar fashion. She'll latch onto me and ask God to be with her "wonderful, wonderful, mommy." And she's really ad-libbing some good stuff in there. Such a sweet girl. Then we pray about her daddy and whoever else is on her list.

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