Friday, September 16, 2011

A few days at the beach

When we were little, my family and my cousins, aunts and uncles all rented a beach cabin each summer and spent the weekend. It was a very fun, special time. Last year, we went to spread my uncle's ashes and agreed to do it again this year. It was a really nice time. Some people could only come Friday night and some only Saturday, so we all had some time together and came in shifts. It was fun. It's nice to see our babies play together.
Me and tired Gracie. I'm so cold natured that I have to wear a jacket at the beach!

My cousin's baby. She's a mess! She was so tired when we were playing at the beach. She was sandy and unhappy so I was feeding her grapes and popcorn. The next day I was feeding her grapes and cheeze-its, and she went to get the popcorn from someone's bag for me to feed to her. Such personality!  

Cranky Brado! 

Me and cranky Bailey

Mimi and Brady

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