Sunday, September 25, 2011


Again with the not updating! Lazy, tired and not much to add.
I went to church today alone after a 2 week hiatus. Scott is miserably sick and Gracie was with mom, so I was flying solo. Amazing how much I could pay attention and take notes!
The sermon today was over Ezekiel 18, where the Israelites were in Babylon and feeling self-pity and blaming their ancestors for their predicament. They quoted the proverb about how the fathers eat the sour grapes and the sons have their teeth set on edge. Their ancestors sinned against God and they are punished for it. God told them not to use that proverb. That He had a solution for them - to repent and turn away from their ways and He would create a new heart and a new spirit in them. He will give us a new heart and a new spirit. We have new opportunities to change. It went along with the children's message as well. If you keep running into the same obstacle, change your way of moving, turn away from that path. The Israelites were wanting to blame their ancestors, blame God - anyone but themselves - Jesus took the blame on the cross, so that renewed, strengthened by God's power, we are able to turn from our path.
There's more - I'll write it later. Naptime!    

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