Thursday, September 29, 2011


I finally found a solution to my issue of not being able to do the corners of a wrapped binding. For my quilt, I really fudged it, but I knew for my placemats I couldn't do that, so I've been trying to find a solution. I asked a friend at school and she gave me a very complicated way to do it, but of all places, I found the solution in a quilting book I picked up at the library. I was reading it at the beach and flipped to the back and there it was.   After I already ruined the fourth of a set. Those will be a decoration for myself, but I have started on the gifts and of course, my sewing machine isn't working. I'm going to replace the needle and get new thread and see how it works. The thread is breaking at the top, then breaking at the bobbin. My mom came over and futzed with it, but it's still not working. It would be more efficient to hand-sew at this point, but I'm not patient enough for that. I am hand quilting around the leaves and hand sewing the corners (which look great - yah), but hand sewing the whole binding? I will if I have to, but machines are so nice and convenient for those long, tedious jobs. Again, it's not like it's a quilt; they're relatively small, but still. Machines.        
These are the ones I ruined. Pretty though!

This is not the good way. This is one way I tried that ruined the project. Do not try this at home. :( The good way is more of a foldover, then trim, then fold the sides in. Easy to wrap my 2-D brain around. 

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