Monday, September 5, 2011

Crazy Gracie

So she's been acting a little crazy lately. Scott goes to his friend's house to play a game with a group every Sunday. It's something he likes to do and we are glad he is able to do that. Lately, Gracie has been losing her shit every time he leaves, though. Since I had friends over this weekend, Scott wanted to invite his friends over for Labor Day. Gracie is excited about it; Scott is excited about it. I heated up the spaghetti from the other night to eat and we had plenty of bread left over. Gracie helped me set up the table with a table cloth and place mats - totally unnecessary - these are bachelor dorks, but I would like for them to feel welcome here. I suggested that Gracie put on a stained shirt to eat the spaghetti in and she completely lost her shit again. She wants to look nice for Daddy's friends. This could go well or badly. We'll see.

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