Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My birthday

Well I'm 32. Do numbers really matter? Ha! I had a very alcoholic nice pre-birthday weekend :)
My friend Joyce and my sister Amanda.

Me opening presents

That's wine and ice and sprite. Blasphemer, that's me.  

Allison, Sam, Hillary
Friday I went to dinner with my friend MJ. Gracie had soccer practice, then we went home to change, then I dropped her off and we went to a sushi place for dinner. So good! I had a diablo something that came with a hot green salsa - not wasabi, which I love, but it was good - I had to have 2 bowls. They didn't have Shiner, which is the mark of a bad place, so I tried a Japanese beer that was fine. He said it was dark and had a bite, but really, there's nothing that's as good as a Shiner Bock. I'm not really a snob about it, but that's what I like and if I'm paying for it, that's what I want. Or, I guess that's what I want even when I'm not paying for it. We ended up going to a club, which was a lot of fun and just what I needed at the end of the week -  and it was pretty much a 24-hour day for me. I hit Wal-mart on my way back in for party supplies. I had a dinner party Saturday. It rained, courtesy of Tropical storm (?) Lee, which was such a blessing for us. So nice, breezy, but it rained all day and night and some Sunday. People who said they were coming didn't, though, with the weather, I don't really blame them. It was rough driving to my parents and back to get Gracie. I cooked spaghetti and it was a nice, intimate night. My parents kept Gracie and my nephew. They looked like war survivors when I showed up to get Gracie. They looked older and soooo ready to get rid of 2 kids.

Sunday we went to church, then Gracie and I made pretzel bites (not so great) and worked on her "me book." I'll probably do a separate post on that.    

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