Saturday, January 25, 2014

Girl Scouts and Meeting #1

Grace decided she didn't want to play soccer any more. She wants to be in Girl Scouts. I wasn't a girl scout when I was a little girl, but it sounds right up my alley. And it is. I called and we signed up. I signed up to be a troop leader, but there has to be 2 troop co-leaders. It took awhile to get up and running. They were just starting new, younger troops in our area, so everything was new. I recruited a friend of Grace's and her mom to be with us, and once we both started the training, we could start meeting. We have 11 girls, and as of the 3rd meeting, there are 2 we haven't laid eyes on yet.
I held a parent meeting to start with and didn't see all of the parents. The co-leader and I decided that we would take our girls to the cookie college held nearby. It ended up being kind of a waste of time, but it was our first "girl scout thing" and we learned some stuff. We're starting right when cookie sales begin, so we're diving in head-first!
I've been to 2 leadership trainings, plus the cookie manager training and my co-leader has been to 1. There's at least 1 more that I need to go to, plus any of the special trainings, like camping, etc.

The first meeting was at our house, as have been subsequent meetings. We are trying to find a church or somewhere else to meet, but with the holidays and such, we haven't heard back. Our co-leader is chasing that down, for which I'm completely grateful. So far, my job is to plan and conduct the meetings, which is a lot like teaching. There's a lot of planning and classroom management going on.

During the first meeting, we made name tags, then had our first Brownie circle to plan the Christmas party, then we colored a picture of a girl scout to put in our scrapbooks. We learned the friendship squeeze and a friendship song. And we heard the story of the Brownie. Fun stuff!

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