Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quilted and done x1

I started my t-shirt quilt and I knew some stuff, but mostly I had to learn by trial-and-error. So I started mine and did the math and cut the squares and started sewing. Found the sashing, bought some more - lots of trial and error. I was pleased with mine, but I made it too skinny and there were too many steps to make the squares. I made the whole square, then sewed them together instead of making a row, then sewing the whole row to a row of sashing, like I did with Scott's quilt.
I wanted to make Scott's Aggiecon shirts into a quilt for him too, but I wanted to make sure it would be good. It turned out to be the easiest one I've made. Once I had the shirts cut and figured out the sashing math, putting it together took about 2 days. I tried out my cams for my sewing machine to do the inside of the squares. It came together so well. I'm very pleased with it.

So then I came back to mine. I found the sashing fabric to make it larger. Then I tried to do a short cut that's turning out to not be a short cut . . .It's complicating things, so I'm cogitating on it for awhile.
Mine in progress

Not much progress with the big fat cat

Earlier in the week.

Quilted and done.

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