Monday, January 13, 2014

Playing outside

We went outside and played last weekend
Mama's big helper
Do the roses know it's winter?
The sun was shining, but it was cold. There were some pretty things going on. This huge hibiscus plant started out last year as one of the crummy, half-price plants at Lowe’s. Look at it now!


Scott’s mom gave us a Christmas cactus a few years ago that has just been surviving in my plant jungle. I went to look through my veggies to see how they are doing and there were some really pretty purple flowers. I thought they were toys at first, but here they are. So pretty!

The broccoli is starting to develop. I can’t wait to eat some!
Is this a weed? Sometimes I plant random things in the flower beds, though there are plenty of weeds there too.


I’ve been using a big planter as a compost pile. We usually just pile stuff in it. Today I had Scott spread out a tarp and spread it out and add some leaves. The bottom layer is good, but I think we need to bury the new food because there is some mold growing there. I think I got a good lungful. Hopefully not too dangerous.

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