Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Wednesday was an eventful day. We started out at the park, showing Gracie how to fish. She wasn't very patient, so we fished about 10 minutes. Then we played on the playground for awhile. We wanted to go to the water park, but it was closed on Wednesdays. So we came back to Scott's parents house and blew up her little pool. Then we discovered we didn't bring her bathing suit. She has 12 bathing suits, but we didn't bring any of them. Maw-maw brought one back from the store, so she played in the pool for awhile.

We had her a birthday party tonight. Maw-maw's friend came over and put Clifford on her cake, so she had a Clifford cake after all. She received an assortment of toy tools including a drill and chain saw and tool kit. Also a lot of dress up cosumes and accessories from Aunt Katie.

She's been having a lovely time playing dress up. And dressing everyone else up. She had a wonderful birthday!

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