Saturday, July 11, 2009

This week II

Again, nothing much special went on this week. Gracie continues to not be potty trained, though she goes sometimes. We had lunch with mom and Mimi on Tuesday, then went to watch the Chipmunks movie at the library. That was a pretty good day. Wednesday we went to see Chicken Dog at the library. Scott went with us. Gracie met a friend and they switched babies to play with. The other girl wanted to take home green baby because it matched her shirt. Chicken Dog was a good little variety show with dogs. Thursday Scott took her to the library show and let me stay home. I did some laundry and some sewing - kind of hung out. I had a cold during the first part of the week so I wasn't feeling too well. Scott has it now and he's not feeling well now. Gracie spent Thursday night with Maw-maw and paw-paw and I got her back on Friday. I went to an old friend's garage sale on my way there and got some casual pants, books and my bribe - some kids sized bracelets.
Tuesday Nalini Singh's new book - Branded by Fire - came out and I read it in one day. It was good - a good continuation of the series. I have a whole stack of books to read, but I can't settle myself down enough to read them.

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