Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Friday in Portland was the official start of the convention. We had business and speakers, etc. I got up early with Nancy and Laurenda to go to a Bible study put on by Concordia, really to promote their new Bible study book, but the girl was really good and the study was uplifting.
Friday during lunch there were small interest sessions. I went to the financial one from Thrivent. It was good. Spend less, save more type of stuff.
We went to Stanford's for dinner, which was a short walk. We were aiming for the mall food court, but this was right there and we'd heard good things. I had a lavendar martini, which was delicious, and a chicken club sandwich. Kelly and I skipped the evening's entertainment, but met up with people at Denny's for dessert, yummy carmel apple cobbler.

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