Monday, July 20, 2009

Gracie Bday

We had planned to have Gracie's party on Sunday afternoon because of Mimi's vacation. Since Nana was in the hospital, we weren't planning on many people being there, which turned out to be the case. There were kids for Gracie to play with and that's all that counts.
My parents got her this swingset that she loves. She calls it a treehouse and tells everyone her paw-paw built it for her and she helped.

She got a baby jaguar from Hillary that she snatched up right away. We got her some Dora stuff. I've been telling her that she'll get babies for her bday, but she didn't. Hopefully maw-maw Wilson's party will have some babies. She got some great clothes and some books.

Now it's time to pack up for Arlington. We'll be gone a week. Should be fun!

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