Friday, July 31, 2009

Not much to report

We're just kinda hanging. G's doing much better with potty training. Hopefully she'll be there in a few more weeks. We've been going to the library several times a week. She's branching out into Little Einstein movies.
I heard Scott tell her last night that she couldn't eat like a dog. Daddy doesn't eat like a dog.
I tried to work out with a yoga video yesterday. She wanted to help. She made me stop in the middle of the video (the video continued, we just stopped) to read her a story. Then she spent the rest of the video either climbing on me in the poses or trying to get me closer to the floor to lie down with her. She even went to get pillows and blankets.
She calls herself "mama duck" and me "baby duck." That's been going on for about a month and it comes and goes. It's amazing what she retains and brings back out.
We cleaned up parts of her room yesterday. She liked me playing in there with her. Dressing baby dolls.
Scott's off next week. Hopefully that will give me time to catch up on school stuff before school starts back. And other things.

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