Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sicken Sunday

Scott has the cold I had at the beginning of the week. Instead of just being inconvenient and tiring, like it was for me, he's incapacitated. G was going around this morning with a paper towel roll as a microphone making up songs about Daddy's sniffles and snot rags. Hilarious. We went to Walmart and the grocery store for party supplies. All we're missing now are sno-cone cups and Madagascar stuff for the cake. I'm going to start making that in a few days. Scott and I cleaned out our room, which made the day super productive - and dusty. Gracie caught on to our system of putting her old stuff away for the "next baby" and she's insisting that she's the next baby and she wants her stuff back. She was indicating today that she wanted to put night-nights on Blue Fish. I may dig some stuff out so that BF can be the best-dressed Seuss on the block. Now she's in there "doctoring" Scott.

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