Friday, July 22, 2016

Galveston Vacation

My parents have had a timeshare in Galveston for several years. It's small, but they like it. They go every year in the summer and usually take the girls. Millie went on Friday but Grace had some other commitments, so she went up with my sister and her kids on Monday.

That weekend, Grace and I went to the annual Midnight Garage Sale at a local church. It's a hassle - you have to get there early and stand in line. We get good stuff and it's fun, but line skippers are irritating. Saturday we had quilting at church. I had made a vegetable soup and had plenty left, so we brought some to share. Then we had a girl scout event to try to introduce girl scouting to girls in Port Arthur. It was fun, but not too productive. Grace and I were the only ones from our troop, which is fine.

I worked in the mornings on that week, so Scott and I weren't able to come up until Thursday evening.
Waiting on the Ferry

Finally get to see my babies

Millie was banned from the beach until we got there because she doesn't listen. She loves to jump in the waves and play in the water. She builds sand castles and doesn't like to leave. 

They checked out Friday, so we drove around and walked the Strand. We stopped at La King's to watch them make Taffy and try some sweets before lunch.

A lot of stores along the Strand have photo ops to bring customers in.

First night at Grandma's and Grand pa's was a water balloon/water gun fight. 

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