Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Vacation 1

Two years ago we went on a Texas summer road trip and had a great time. This year we did another one. I am serving as Zone president of my local Lutheran Women Missionary League and our Texas District convention this year was in Lubbock. I'd never been there; neither had Scott, so I planned for this to be our summer vacation. I planned it down to the minute and it went so well. 
I knew that we couldn't make the whole trip in one day - didn't want to, anyway, so I looked at several ways and things just didn't work out until Grace said that she wanted to see the Alamo - bam. So we left super early Wednesday morning, missing out on Houston traffic and got to San Antonio right as the Alamo opened.
So we saw the Alamo and then walked down to the Riverwalk to do a River cruise. It was really nice. We walked down and ate at the oldest restaurant on the Riverwalk.
We stopped at Lulu's Bakery that was featured at Man vs Food and got a 3-lb cinnamon roll. We ate a little on it during the trip, but I ended up giving it to my summer school kids. It was delicious. 
It's as big as Grace's head!

We stopped at some quilt shops to pick up Row by Rows, but I'll post separately about those ;)
We spent the night at Abilene at a really decent Choice hotel with free wi-fi and free breakfast. 
We ate at a hamburger joint, Wholly Cow with ice cream and beer. 
That's the end of our first day. We were sooo tired. 

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