Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Partial Teaching Assignment Change

I got the phone call today. The heads up. I've been in and out of school all summer because of summer school. This week is EOC retesting, so I've been "helping" out with that, though, of course, they're paying me to do it.
Something that is good that they did for us for the next year is offer to trade inservice days for some online training modules you can do over the summer. I finished one part over summer school - just some modules on technology options, mostly Google products. I learned a lot and will utilize some info, which is always what you want from that kind of thing. The other one was a module that takes you through the new evaluation rubric. That one was a bugger. But it's done and I passed, so yip!

Back to the phone call. Usually the curriculum director lets us know what it's going to look like when they start finalizing the master schedule. I have my administration certification - I know that is not an easy job. Especially in science, where there are so many certification potentials. She told me earlier that I was going to have more Anatomy. That's good, though not all of those are going to be seniors - which is what makes Anatomy so great - they're all seniors. At some point they stop caring. Juniors probably do that too, but they still have another whole year to gear up for.
Today's phone call was to tell me that my other assignment wasn't going to be Biology. It is going to be either Chemistry or IPC. Neither of which I have taught before. I am certified in Chemisty. Not certified in IPC. IPC are freshmen. Chemistry are a combination of sophomores doubling up, juniors and seniors.

I've been thinking so hard about revamping my biology curriculum - moving to a more critical thinking model, less notes and facts. I'm glad I haven't done the actual work to lay that all out - I figured that I would do that and I would end up with all Anatomy. Oh but no.
I'm certified for Chemistry but I've never taught it and I certainly haven't done those kind of labs or understand that material in the depth required to do the labs. I can do IPC. All of that is laid out from the other teachers. And they are freshmen. Neither one of them are tested subjects, which I don't really care about. So I don't know. We'll see. Hopefully something will pop up out of no where and solve my problem. Bwahahahaha.

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