Sunday, July 24, 2016

Houston Farmer's Market

I had a Girl Scout training day in Houston, so I made a plan to go to the super fabulous Urban Harvest Farmer's Market on Richmond. We went a few months ago on our way to visit Scott's parents and I loved it. I love Farmer's Markets. I like to go alone or with one of the girls. Scott is not fun. He doesn't enjoy it. 
My favorite so far was the one in Des Moines, Iowa last summer. It was huge and there was so much to see and try. I love ones that have premade food to eat. The one in Beaumont doesn't have that. It has some pastries and breads, but nothing pre-made. 
The Houston market has several food trucks/stands. I got a vegan tamale with diablo sauce for breakfast. I picked up some naan, goat cheese and hummus for lunch during my training, some Kombucha and potatoes for later. 

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  1. Laura, I love Farmer's Markets, too but like your Scott, TraderVic is not a fan. Looks like yummy food that you picked up.