Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer vacation Day 3&4

So Friday was my first whole day. I was busy all day, so Scott and the girls were supposed to go to Critter Fest at one of the local museums. I went up to the room to rest during my lunch break and they hadn't left yet because Millie wouldn't get dressed. They finally went and had a good time. Friday night was worship service, so we had a dinner before at BJ's Brewhouse. Good food. Sick again - my theory is the rolls, so no more rolls for me, no matter how delicious :(

On Saturday, we had a Bible Study and some mission speakers, so I wanted Grace to come with me. She did and was so good. I think the best thing about these conventions is to learn about the mission speakers. 

Golden Triangle Zone Delegation

 Saturday afternoon, there were enrichment sessions, but we wanted to explore Lubbock a little and get outside, so we went to the Lubbock Lake Landmark. There were metal statues of bison, mammoths and other animals.

There were some weird desert plants. We went to look around Texas Tech - there's no much open, even in the student center, on Saturdays in the summer. 
Saturday banquet with Leslie

I had to be back at 7 for the banquet. I was able to sit with my best friend from college Leslie. Her zone is hosting the convention in 2 years in Waco. I can't wait.
We drove the whole way home after the meeting on Sunday. It wasn't as bad as I thought. The girls were really good. But w were so glad to be home. 

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