Thursday, January 26, 2012


We were playing our favorite game last night - what should our baby's name be? Scott likes Amelia and suggested Amelia Katherine. So we were playing around with nick names. Melly Kat aka smelly cat - so - that's a no! Gracie is back to Sara. I like Sophie still.

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  1. Too many Amelias and Sophies around, love Sara as long as you pronounce it Sar-ra and not Sare-ra because that's spelled with an H (Sarah). LOL.
    Sara is normal but not too common these days. I like it.
    I run a baby and toddler group so I've heard all the weird and wonderful names there are! I love it when someone tries really hard to be totally different and chooses something outlandish then two weeks later another child of the same name turns up!