Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crafty goals 2012

I'm really pleased with what I accomplished this year. I learned so much and made a ton of new things. I'm going to keep up with it better - somehow!
Goals for this year
Sewing - more gifts - aprons, coasters, diaper changing pad  , diaper pouch (probably from vinyl table cloth too),
Quilting - Christmas tree quilt(ed) thing - I've started on this, but I'm not sure if it will be a quilt or a quilted wall hanging or what. I super duper love the Christmas tree theme though. Cross-stitch, snowman quilted wall hanging thing - I have 5 snowmen that are too cute. I'm going to stitch them up and decide what to do with them - quilt, quilted wall hanging? We'll see. I also want to make the new baby a quilt and experiment with a t-shirt block. And there are some cool Christmas/scrappy quilts here and here that I want to toy around with.
Crochet - a santa scarf - that's it as far as what I want to do. I'm sure more things will come along. I have a ton of yarn from my mother. I might crochet the baby a blanket or something.
Cross-stitch - I want to finish the poinsetta I've been working on off and on. I want to finish one of the flower ones I want to put in the kitchen. The Haunted Tea party, Santa claus, Christmas topiary, Swirly tree and Merry Yule. And other things to make into ornaments to give next year. Maybe some festive initial ornaments.
I got a new sewing book from B&N with a Christmas gift card so I want to make some stuff from it too.  

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