Monday, January 30, 2012

I had my first emotional, out of no-where crying jag yesterday. Maybe not out of no-where. I hit my head on a cabinet when I was looking for a lid for a bowl, so that hurt and I cried, then when Scott tried to comfort me, I wouldn't let him. I was still trying to find lids to bowls that weren't where they should be, which continued to set me off. And I was already mad at Scott for making me look like a neglectful and stupid mother in front of my mother. AGAIN. For the same thing. Maybe I will learn from this experience, but my goodness - between Gracie and Scott, surely they can put together a complete bag to take to mawmaw's house. She started to look before she leaves - which I totally don't blame her for - but they packed an ugly dress outfit for church with no tights and no shoes. WTH people!?! Between the 2 of them, they dress her every day! I don't have anything to do with dressing her because he does it in the mornings after I leave for work. There's no reason for me to do so! SO when I go into her room to find her some tights to match or another dress and some shoes, I can't find shit because her room is a cuss cuss cuss mess. So she's going to be cleaning it today. Along with her daddy. Because if I go in there and do it, they will destroy it on principle. If I make them do it every day, maybe it will sink in. No wonder she wears jeans and shirts to school every day. There's no way to find her cute stuff. Ugh! And it makes me look so bad. I guess I need to be more proactive about it, but I just don't have the energy to do stuff other people can easily take care of. Trifling!

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