Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nag, nag, nag ;)

Gracie notices everything and remembers everything. She knows that since my surgery, I'm not supposed to drink while I eat. I've always gone to herculean lengths to avoid it because it's a pitfall and a slippery slope. Since I've been pregnant and not giving a damn about losing weight rules, I've been drinking while I eat. Gracie noticed it today at dinner, and I asked her to help me remember not to do it. Tonight, while she's supposed to be asleep, she heard me moving around in the kitchen and nagged me about it from her bed. Unbelievable. I can't get away with anything ;)
 We took our church directory pictures today, after much angsting and such about clothes and shoes, etc. They aren't the best pictures we've ever taken, but not the worst either. We wore blue, which is supposedly the color this season. We didn't want to order the big family picture because our family will change and we'll do that for Christmas this year with all 4 of us. So we got some wallets of Gracie by herself, a 5x7 of Scott and me and a 3-picture collage of all of us, Grace and me and Grace and Scott. Our usual line up, just a smaller version of each. In blue.
Madagascar vanilla beans
red wiggler worms

My mystery shopping money came in this month, and we're unusually solvent, so I ordered some vanilla beans to make homemade vanilla for gifts this year and some worms to start a worm bin. I'm excited about both purchases, via ebay. I have to get a handle (1/2 gallon) of vodka this weekend to start the vanilla and locate an old rubbermaid bin for the worms, but hopefully these will be better than the ones I've tried before. New worms, new plants - new year? Success? It's raining this week, so hopefully my plants will be off to a good start. I will post pics later on with more info - just for my own record-keeping. I really hope something good grows.

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