Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy Saturday

Gracie is gone unexpectedly again tonight, so I'm alone. It's been a productive day without her. I got up early and made pancakes for Scott, did the dishes, made a picture frame. I found Grace's ultrasound pics in the console of the car - ya know, where we put them more than 5 years ago after we got finished showing them around - and had the wild hair of making a picture frame for both of our girls' ultrasounds. I'll post pics later. I'm not finished. I'm going to decorate it prettier, but I made progress. I went to Wal-Mart and got some plants to plant. I'll post more about those later with pics. I have a book that I'm documenting things in. I think that if I just have one successful crop of anything I'll be ok. My crazy - CRAZY idea is that if I can get things to produce to where I have to preserve them I can buy canning supplies and learn to do that. CRAZY - I know. But I do love fresh produce - bell peppers, cucumbers. Making my own spaghetti sauce would save, like $1 per jar - Crazy. I'll stop, but I would enjoy doing that, so I'm going to hold out and try to get a crop going. Just one would feel like I could do it again. So I'm working on it this spring into summer. And growing my baby.

I feel like I need a pic. Here is Gracie right after she was born - a long time ago - 5 1/2 years in real time
So I bought plants and came home and planted them. Scott worked in the garage for awhile and brought in more baby things. I took a nap, worked on my crochet, did a mystery shop, sat around, am making heart-shaped sugar cookies, an angel food cake and salmon patties for my lunch next week. Whew - all in one day. And I still feel a little lazy. :)

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