Monday, January 16, 2012

Active Baby

Saturday, she was very active. Today she was quiet until about 4:30 or so.
I'm cranky. Gracie says she's cranky because she's teething. She lost another tooth. This one fell out during the day, but she was playing with it and lost it. She's going to write another note to the tooth fairy. She drove me crazy Saturday. I was terrible mother, but that doesn't phase her a bit. She wants to climb all over me and be in my face - and I just can't take that. We made homemade dish detergent and homemade laundry detergent. I'll post pictures, the actual tutorial and if it's any good later -  we haven't had a chance to use it yet. Grace spent most of yesterday and today with my mother, which I'm grateful for. She asks a million questions, the same questions you've already answered, just to entertain herself. It really makes me want to pinch her little head off sometimes. I AM CRANKY!
Scott and I got to spend some time together today. We got up early and had Starbucks for breakfast, then went to Beaumont to shop for baby things. Or just look at baby things. We started @ Home Depot to look for a dresser or something. We found the perfect thing to fit in the baby's closet, which is pretty deep. It's a 9-hole cubby that you can put fabric drawers in. We got the cubby and will wait on the drawers for the bedding. We looked for bedding at Target and Babies R Us. I guess it's switchover time, because there wasn't much. There were some cute stuff, but I have my heart set on owls. BRU had the girl owl set that was $190. There were cute accessories too, but I can make sheets and stuff with fabric if it comes down to that. We'll find cheaper cute stuff somewhere. But super cute. We looked for a new rug for the living room since ours is completely trashed. I did  not go into Joann's. I went to my mom's to get Gracie and Scott started working on the nursery. He cleaned off the bed that was in there, moved it against a wall and put up the baby bed. It's a larger room than Gracie's room is, so we're leaving the guest bed in there for mawmaws (or us) to spend the night later on. We have to find some wall decals and get cute stuff, but it's going to be a nursery. I'm already thinking about getting out all of Gracie's old newborn clothes and going through, washing and putting them away in the cubbies that aren't put together and the drawers that aren't bought. Picking out her going home from the hospital outfit. 4 more months! I started a baby blanket that I'll post pics of later and I worked some on my Christmas tree quilt. I'm about to go to bed now. 4-day work week. Wahoo!

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