Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weighty thoughts

I've gained 10 pounds so far this pregnancy. Part of me knows that fine; that I should and probably will gain more. Part of me is freaking out a bit, though I promised myself and others that I wouldn't freak out about it. What really worries me is the complete regression to my former bad eating habits. Eating at night, drinking when I eat, getting chocolate from the vending machine! That's not part of my new eating habits. Of course, I'd planned for the chocolate; brought money into school to buy the chocolate and that was after I'd already eaten my orange and my pear. It feels like I'm grazing all the time. I'm bringing more protein bars up today and I had a more substantial breakfast. But still - am I going to be able to go back to my good habits after the baby is born? It was too easy to fall back into the old ways. I don't know. Just a little early morning concerns.

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  1. Don't worry!
    I gained nearly 3 stone when pg with the last one (from a start point of less than 8 stone!). I found eating carbs was better for me energy-wise than sugar or fat.
    I also ate a bowl of cornflakes if I was extra hungry, it seems odd to be eating cereal at 10pm but it's better than chocolate or crisps!
    Remember breast-feeding burns 500 calories a day so that's the majority of the extra calories gone without even getting off the sofa! Just as well really because I couldn't for a month (C-section and pulled muscle in back).
    Also, have a large baby - I lost a stone in one day giving birth to a 10pounder and his placenta LOL.