Friday, January 6, 2012

It's a girl!

We found out Tuesday that we're having a perfect baby girl in May. We'll have a matched set - 6 years apart. Gracie was really excited. She said she knew it would be a girl. We had no idea - had no preference. Now we have to come up with a name. That's the hard part. We have it narrowed down (or not) to Sara or Amelia. Maybe. We have months to decide. I think we are going to go with the owl theme for the nursery. Aside from bedding and other decorations, the only thing we need for it is a dresser. We'll use the same crib and changing table. We saved a lot of Gracie's clothes and other accoutrement.
I've gained 11 lbs so far. For 5 months, that's not too bad. As long as it stays in the belly region, I'm not going to panic too much. Baby needs calories, right?  ;) 
The baby is perfect size and weight, which is a relief. 


  1. Hi, returning the folllowing. What an exciting time to start folloing someone through their pregnancy!
    I have a perfect owl card for baby and one for Gracie when the Big Day comes.
    I have a 6 year age gap between my two, but they are boys. It works fine but days out are tricky as they like different things!
    Looking forward to seeing more stitching (and baby news) in 2012

  2. My're doing great!!! Congratulations on another precious!

    I love the name Amelia...(the other name brings bad thoughts for me. =) LOL...we had issues choosing names too...sigh...I don't miss that process.

    I'm a May baby and think it's a great month to have a baby! Love the little pictures.