Monday, August 22, 2011

1st day of school

School starts tomorrow. Yee Haw! Gracie has been driving me up the freaking wall. Some of it is that she is having some separation anxiety, but some of it is just her being dramatic. She wants to sit in my lap and breathe in my face and touch my face and wallow on my clothes and kiss me . . . it's just annoying.   And she asks a million questions. Questions that we've already answered, questions that I don't know the answer to, questions that there are no answers to, questions that are none of her business or things she already knows.  School starts. Yah! We met her teacher and she's the daughter of someone I work with, so that's nice. All of her stuff says Laura, but I think she'll change that. We put $ in her cafeteria account, so she's ready to go.
She picked this out herself for church.

It turns out that Gracie isn't great at soccer . . yet. I was surprised @ practice last Friday. She lagged behind in running, she wasn't good with the ball and she whined and got tired a lot. So she and I have been running to build up her stamina. Oh boy. I am not, nor have I ever been, a runner. My calves are killing me, but I know it will only be worse if I stop. So we get up early and run up and down our street. Once. And it kills us. But she is like me or has learned from me. I don't exercise. I don't complain like she does, but I don't like to be outside or sweat or or or. But I'll do it for her. We'll do it together. But every time I get up, I want to die.  She did better today (Monday), but we're still going to work. If it kills us ;)

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