Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meme of us

What I'm doing - 
Making : a cake for Sunday School
Cooking : chicken and dumplings
Drinking : milk (Gracie) and watermelon water (mama)
Reading: Blogs; library books
Wanting: Activities to fill in Sunday School tomorrow
Looking: Each other
Playing: Strawberry shortcake
Wasting: ?

Sewing: Between projects
Wishing: Gracie a happy pretend 2nd birthday
Praying: God's will and intervention in our lives
Enjoying: being together again
Waiting: for dessert

Liking: ourselves
Wondering: where the summer went

Loving: ourselves
Hoping: to enjoy the rest of the summer

Marveling: at the Ms and 10s in my closet. 
Needing: $
Smelling: cooking cake

Wearing: dress (Gracie) shorts and shirt (mama)
Following: lots of blogs
Noticing: this strawberry shortcake looks weird
Knowing: that we're awesome blossom
Thinking: When is bedtime?
Bookmarking: too make cute craft ideas

Opening: mail
Giggling: Smurfs with tails
Feeling: funny (Gracie) content (mama)

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