Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I had lunch with an old friend today and we sat and talked for 4 hours. And she BLOGS. Here. And I'm so jealous of her cute blog.
Then I came home and cooked for Scott, since I haven't in a while. I made chicken, then chopped it up into several box dinners. I made pancakes  - not sure why. Gracie is gone for a few days and I guess I needed a little comfort, though I didn't eat them. I love making pancakes and eggs, though I don't eat those either - and bacon, which I do eat, but which has become OUTRageously expensive. Why is that? And I made NAAN, with this recipe.   And I'm so totally in love. This recipe made a ton and I'm pretty sure I"m going to be the only one who eats it. And oh am I going to eat it. Certainly better than the tortilla chips I was going to eat with my chicken, beans and cheese for supper. It's going to be chip, cracker, pizza bread - all that and a bag of cheetos, though not really. And making it combines my favorite cooking activities -making dough and pancake-like skillet activity. (you cook them in a skillet like pancakes.) Though this batch made 2 bags to put in the freezer and 1 for the fridge, so I'll not have to make it again soon. Much better choice than ritz - right? Of course.
I'm listening to Pattern Recognition- one of my favorite William Gibson books, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do tonight. Prolly not sew. Prolly cut fabric for other projects and putter around. I'll sew for reals tomorrow. No other plans so far.

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