Monday, August 8, 2011

Grace herself

This is supposed to be a blog about her - Oops. Or  not just about her. Looking back at the beginning, I'm glad I took the time to record some things and conversations because my memory is so bad and she is just so darn cute!
- She knows how to work my phone and its camera. This is a funny picture of her goofing around. She's wearing a Halloween shirt that she insists on keeping out, even though it's summer. She wears it as a night-night.
- She loves the Ewoks. We watched a Lego video on youtube that called them man-eating teddy bears and now she's running around saying it to crack us both up. This is her in my face with it.
- Right now I'm listening to her in the living room with her daddy talking about Star Wars, understanding Darth Vader as Luke and Leia's father; how he's a good guy, then a bad guy; how that fits into the She-Ra universe. She's a hoot. And the Ewoks have a party that they invite the 3 ghosts to. She's obsessed with ghosts these days. There are ghosts everywhere and every sound is from a ghost.
- I have finally gotten her to understand that she shouldn't poot on people. Now she'll go to another part of the room and poot, then make the funniest, most useless hand flappings like she's trying to push the smell out. Hilarious.
- She's kind of like an old lady in a lot of respects (pooting aside). She doesn't like to go places. I tried to get her to go to the store to get shampoo and saline solution yesterday and she wasn't having it. Mom says when she tries to get her to go somewhere to get something to eat, Grace will tell her that they will just eat at Maw-Maw's house - you know you have plenty of food. What little kid doesn't want to go into town to get a happy meal? Not a Mooney-girl, that's for sure. And she complains a lot. Her feet hurt. She's hot. She's tired of walking.  And she's become a back-seat driver. She's been asking lately if I'm going faster than I'm supposed to or slower than I'm supposed to. I know it's a phase and she's learning about her world and it's good that she's noticing things. She's such a bright kid. And so sweet.
- She's about to go through some big changes in her life. We're all excited about school. She really is. But it's going to be a change for her and she's reacting to it emotionally sometimes. Her schedule for the past few years has been that after her morning school on Tues, Wed and Thurs, she goes home with Maw-Maw, then I pick her up after I get off. She spends Thursday nights with Maw-Maw because she doesn't have school Fridays and I pick her up Friday afternoon. That's going to change this year. She and Maw-Maw won't be spending so much time together - something we're all sad about. I'll be glad not to have to drive to Orange so much to pick her up, though I did enjoy seeing my parents and we were really happy that she was with them. I'm sure their gas bill will go down a lot too.
Sundays is Scott's time to go hang out with his friends. She was a little emotional about him leaving, which is unusual for her. She loves her daddy, but she's cool about him going usually. I'm seeing it as a little pattern of her reacting more to the change that's about to happen. When I put her to bed last night, we were sitting and chatting after we sang a song and before we said our prayers. She told me that she and Maw-Maw had worked out that Maw-Maw would pick her up after school on Fridays and she would spend Friday nights with Maw-Maw (and Paw-Paw when he's home.) I reminded her that some Fridays were football games that we might want to go to together, but there would only be 4 of them. That was ok for her.  Then I casually mentioned that I may go to some of the away games with my friends, and she had a little emotional meltdown. I told her that we would see week-to-week what she wanted to do.  I'm kinda proud of a good-mama moment there. I didn't blow off her off; I took her concerns seriously and reassured her that she wouldn't be left out of anything she didn't want to be. I have a feeling we'll be doing that a lot coming up. At least until school actually starts and she gets the hang of it. I think she'll be find then. And she was a little emotional about missing me a lot when I go back to work next week, but she'll be with Maw-Maw, so she'll be ok.
She's so sweet though. She prayed for my friends because she knows I pray for them.  And she didn't really argue much about going to bed. I told her that this year, part of her bedtime ritual would be picking out her clothes for the next day. And she loves sleeping with her quilt. We're about to go through all the clothes in her room today. I sense another meltdown coming :)

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