Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Midnight garage sale

Gracie stayed with my mother Friday night, so I got to do a bit of shopping. I was looking for tops that I could wear to school. I ended up with 2 dresses, 2 tops, a cardigan and 3 serving bowls for less that $50. Not bad. I wanted to buy a pair of those strappy lace up sandals, but I was afraid they'd be so dated by next summer, so I didn't. And, of course, Scott is always agog at the number of pairs of shoes I have, all perfectly fine, so I shouldn't buy more. Even though I want more. I shouldn't buy more.

I love this little guy. I don't know what he is, but I love him.

These cracked me up. They smell like old paper. Going through them - things don't change. Same type of advertisements, same types of lifestyle articles. Definitely from a different era, but still. My favorite was an ad for tampons geared toward girls, reassuring them that boys can't tell that they are on their period and personal daintiness. I have no clue what that is.  But these magazines are pure gold.  

I also went to the annual midnight garage sale that one of our sister churches puts on. It's a big event. I got there at 10:30 and was 30 or 40 back in line. I got an ice cream machine, a bunch of autumn leaves garland, a snail figurine, a casserole dish (I think) in that lime green I love. I think it's oven proof. There's no markings. I tried to google it but I didn't have any luck. I also got a curtain that looks like a vintage sheet. I'm thinking about making vintage pillowcase tote bags for everyone for Christmas. I may have to make do with this sheet though. It wasn't big enough to serve as a backing for my quilt, but that's ok. I think I have a solution to that.          

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