Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hand sewing

I had some projects in my WIP box that I took out and finished.

These little owls just needed to be sewn up at the bottom. BUT I'm not good at that stitch. I need to find an alternative or figure out how to do it better. Gracie loves these little cuties, but I don't think they turned out well.

The rest are little patchwork pincushions finished with Christmas buttons. I got some buttons on sale @ Joanns, but I need some red or green ones to go on the bottom. I was able to completely finish 2 of them. Again, not so great at the invisible stitch. Fabric glue? It's possible.

These need buttons. And to be sewn up.

I also worked on a few clothes. I tacked up the neckline on a new shirt, then moved some buttons around on a few pairs of pants. They fit great, but were tight in the waist, so I moved the buttons in. 

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