Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Funny Gracie moments

Gracie has been off the chain these days. Not sure why. She's been watching an InuYasha movie all the time. It's weird that she likes it so much. Scott and I do too and have for years.
Funny: Grace notices everything . . . and comments on it. She keeps commenting about me releasing my seatbelt before I turn the car off - or something similar. A few days ago she said she was proud of me for waiting to unbuckle my seat belt. I asked her why it bothered her and why she commented on it. She said it's because she wants me to be safe. So sweet. Ha! I told Scott that and he said he couldn't imagine where she got the "noticing everything" gene. I said it was from Nana. He said Nana wasn't the only Mooney-girl with it.
Funny 2: We were going to the grocery store and she wanted to know what I was wearing. I asked her if I could wear what I had on. She said people would laugh at my night-night pants. Hilarious!

She seems to be adapting well to kindergarten. She likes it and she hasn't had to move her feather at all. She's singing new songs and talking about her classmates and teacher. Scott walks her to school and goes to get her. That's a special time for them. She's been good at getting up early and playing at running with me, but she gets ready well and dressed.  

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