Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Funny kid stuff

Scott's sister was trying to talk to Gracie on the phone the other night. G's getting better, but stiff, trying to get a conversation going takes a lot out of you. You ask questions, sometimes she answers them, sometimes she answers the question you asked two questions ago. But she was trying.

Evan was born 20 years too late. His favorite song is "Livin' on a Prayer." That's right, kiddies, Jon Bon Jovi. G has a cat piano with a microphone, and he sings it loudly into the microphone. And in the car. At the top of his lungs. And is teaching it to Gracie. Cracks me up!

Scott is uber-polite, especially on the phone. Gracie's new phrase is "I"m sorry, what was that?" Just like he does on the phone. She's getting his unfailing politeness and my potty mouth. Such a gift.

I'm gaining weight. I'm really tired of the whole fight. I'm eating raisin bran instead of the sugar cereal; I'm eating whole grain bread instead of white bread. Yogurt for snacks. Eating at home instead of eating out. We're having such a nice summer, but it'd be great if I can still fit into my clothes by the end of it. Of course, I plan to be pregnant by the end of the summer, so it will be a non issue, but still.

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  1. Maybe you are already pregnant...that might explain it, hehehe