Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

We went to Galveston Wednesday and Thursday, Scott’s days off. We got ready and packed up early Wednesday, but the trip took longer because I wasn’t paying attention and missed the 124 exit. We went through Houston, which wasn’t bad. We rented and umbrella and chairs on the beach and just chilled. I’m not much on being in the ocean, a change from my childhood. I have a hard time now with what is potentially under the water with me. Gracie and Scott love it though. I know when she gets taller, she’ll enjoy riding the waves in a float. She’s almost there now. She loved the water and loved the sand. We packed a cold picnic and stayed there until 3 or so. Then we went to check into our motel, take showers and evaluate the sunburns.

This is our first vacation outing, and of course, a lesson in sunscreen. We used it, but not enough. I’ll post pictures. We had dinner at Casey’s, which has changed their menu. It was a very wonderful day. I went to bed early because I was hurting and tired, but Scott and Gracie watched a few movies we brought on my computer.

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