Friday, June 19, 2009


Wednesday morning we went to the PN library kickoff at PN Park. It was crowded, but there were free snocones, popcorn and drinks for the kids, even door prizes at the end. Evan won a book and a ticket to a bounce place, which he was excited about. We went to sit by the water to blow bubbles, then we went to my house to get ready to go swimming at Maw-maw's.

Thursday was just Scott, Gracie and me. We went to the PA library to get books and movies, then out to lunch. We went to swim with Evan, Taylor and Emily at mom's house for Evan's birthday.
Friday was just me and Gracie for awhile, then I took her to maw-maw's to spend the night. Mom asked suspiciously what I had planned for the rest of the day. I cleaned Gracie's room, most of the kitchen and living room, packed her bag for next week and my luggage for my trip and cooked supper. Mellow day.
I've been listening to one of Scott's favorite series on audiobook - Honor Harrington. The first one was ok. I prolly won't read another though. Too much gore and blood with no romantic payoff for me. I finished Grimspace by Ann Aguirre, which was pretty well hyped but isn't a series I'll follow either. There are several others I have to read. I think I'll save them for my plane trip. The most consistent thing I've been reading is JD Robb's In Death. Just can't get enough. I love the characters.

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