Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Hijinks

We had a lovely Saturday with the family at M&D’s. Since Amanda will be out of town on Father’s Day, we celebrated early with Amanda’s enchiladas, cheese dip and coconut good stuff. The pool was back in shape, so we swam. Well, Gracie, Paw-Paw, Amanda and Todd swam. I’m too sunburned still and mom and nana were ill. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon. I’m all about relaxing days by the pool. ;)
Sunday we had church, then Gracie and I went to Hunter’s party in Crosby. Gracie had a blast playing with the kids. And raiding Hunter’s toys. He got a lot of good ones. It was nice to see and catch up with the family.
Then we drove back for VBS at our sister church in Nederland. I stayed to help, which was good and will be good this week. I can’t imagine just leaving her there. It’s good Scott’s the one who takes her to school usually. Otherwise Connie would be shoving me out the door every day, assuring me that they have enough help and I should, you know, go to work. She was fine, but we were wiped out.

VBS itself was unorganized, which I hate, but is understandable the first night. Hopefully Monday will be better. Some of the families we went to church with at Grace have moved membership to Holy Cross, so it’s so odd to see these kids who were toddlers the last time I saw them to be tall, lanky group leaders. Time passes, I guess. Sweet kids; good kids, the ones who were with my group.

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