Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday with Evan

I set the alarm this morning to get up. I was up late last night buzzing around the net. I ordered all of G’s birthday party stuff; registered with my student loan people and did some other things. Tuesday is trash day and I got up, loaded the dish washer, cleaned up a (very) little then went out to the garage to start breaking down things to go to the curb. Scott, who has been told to do this and hasn’t got home just as I was breaking down the first box, and we got a lot done. The garage looks a lot better. A lot of things had been flooded when it rained so much earlier this year. We had about 8 big trash bags of cans to sell. Scott hasn’t sold them yet because the price went down $0.20 per pound, which is too cute ;) Of course, I’d rather them be roach motels in some else’s garage, so he’s going to take care of it tomorrow.
I went to meet Mary to get Evan in BC. We had breakfast then I took the kids to the park by my school. We played at the tugboat island there, then went to the river to watch the boats. They were a lot more interested in the boats than I thought and we stayed there talking to a lady and her dog for a long time.
We came home and I tried to feed them chicken noodle soup and bread for lunch, but Evan wouldn’t eat, then Gracie wouldn’t eat, so I ate a lot of chicken noodle soup.
We played outside with the water hose and kiddie pool for a long time, until we started feeling the burn.
We came in to play inside. Evan played a v-smile game. Gracie was trying to talk him into playing dolls, but he wasn’t going to. She said he can play with the boy dolls, then brought out the cat in the hat. Which, of course, he didn’t play with. They finally both ate a frozen pizza, then watched Madagascar 2 with popcorn. Then we brought him to his mommy.
You can tell that he has older siblings, at least an older sister. He likes being first and won’t let G go first or take the first turn because she’s a girl or she’s younger. We had a Thomas the Train Engine cup that we got from their house last year sometime and he is trying to figure out a way to take it back home with him. He’s funny but sweet sometimes. We'll play again tomorrow at the spray park. Maybe Scott will come too. It was a good day.

G was tired. I had a dinner meeting with the ladies I'm going to Portland with later this month and G was not well behaved. I was done being mommy when I got home. There comes a point where Daddy has to take over and mommy needs a big drink and to just be Laura, not mommy, for awhile. He's changing her into night-nights and hopefully he'll have her in bed before he leaves for work. And I can go to bed early too.

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