Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Water park Wednesday

After a complete night’s sleep I woke up to the alarm and picked up a little, did dishes, started laundry and started picking chicken off of last night’s supper to make chicken salad for lunch today. Scott went to get Evan on his way home and Gracie was super excited to see him. She’s so cute, squeeling and trying to tell him everything and show him everything, even though he was here yesterday. He’s not that much older, but you can see it sometimes. She seems really young about a lot of things. So they ate breakfast, again not much of one, either one of them. Evan doesn’t like cereal either. He just picked out the marshmallows. Gracie did a little better, but as soon as he was done, she was done too. I kept them both at the table picking at their food a little longer by going through our plans for the day with them, letting them know what we were going to do when.
We got a later start than I had hoped. Scott stayed up and went along. We had to pack lunches and snacks and bathing suits and drinks, then gather up library books, etc. We had one false start, then as we were pulling out of the driveway, my mother called because she wanted to stop by and say hi to Gracie since she was in town for a Drs appt. I wasn’t enthusiastic about this because Gracie likes Maw-maw best and wants to always be with Maw-maw, but it went fine. She did want Maw-maw to clean off the seat and come with us, but she didn’t cry hardly at all. And really, I haven’t heard one mention of needing to go see Maw-maw or having them come to get her in “just a minute.” Even when she talks to them on the phone, she sounds happy to be with “my mommy.” She’s doing thus and so with “my mommy.” That’s probably the biggest perk about the summer time. I’m not sure if it’s because I just have more time to devote to her or what, but the fact that she really wants to be around me makes me feel good.
We stopped by the post office, then went to the Groves library to sign them up for the reading program. I hadn’t been there before. Scott is on their “most wanted” list for a book he swears he returned. They have a really nice romance section. Even though we live in Groves, we pay to use the PA library just because. Gracie did her usual act like a heathen act when we were there. She likes to run through the aisles then scream when you tell her to stop. We left there and went to the PA library to return things and get new movies. Gracie was not well behaved there either. She was loud, she kicked the kiosk when she was listening to the book commercials and she had to be held. But we left with our sanity. Evan was much better behaved, content to play with some of the toys in the kids section. The children’s librarian seems to be on drugs. I’m not impressed with her at all.
When we got to the spray park, it teemed with children. Lots and tons of children. Too many children to take good pictures with. There was a bus from BISD there. Doesn’t Beaumont have a place they can go? Seriously! We couldn’t even find a table to have our lunch. We went back to eat by the water and tried to avoid mosquitoes. They each at about ½ a pb cracker and some chips then we went to fight our way to a shady spot at the spray park. It was horribly crowded. I got an Avon order from it, but still. We’re going to use the Groves on from now on. Not as big or fancy, but less crowded and just as fun. They played there until they were both glassy-eyed. We came home and Scott went to bed. I offered to let them help me bake cookies, but they watched a movie instead and played in the living room. I made pizza for them later on, which they didn’t eat much of either. Hopefully E gets real food at home because here he’s surviving on chips, pizza and Kool aid. G does better, but not a lot. I’ve tried to avoid taking them to McD’s all the time in the interest of health and money, but they’re not into soup or sandwiches, cereal or pancakes.
I had a Board of Education meeting a church, which ended with Scott and I beginning a new phase in our religious life. Overwhelming, but it was time for us to step up. I’m looking forward to it. Scott, not so much. “It will be a new challenge. You know I’ll be here to support you no matter what.” That’s a direct quote from Mr. Underenthusiastic.
Tomorrow we are going to get Evan and run some errands in Beaumont, like picking up my diploma and buying movie tickets. We’ll see what happens.
I was so flattered when Gracie yelled “Mommy” and came running when I got home, like she hadn’t been around me all day long. She was pretty needy for my attention too. I like having Evan here because it teaches her what it’s like to not be the center of the world and he entertains her a lot.
For her bedtime I took her to her room and put lotion on her hands and arms and chest and back. She’s had some dry spots and we were in the sun today. Then we read a little book, sang a song and said our prayers. We talked about seeing Evan tomorrow and she pretty much went straight to sleep. Like I’m about to. We’re all beat from all the fun we’ve been having.
Nite all!

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