Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We got Evan yesterday morning and went to the movies. It was crowded. Unbelievably crowded. Fortunately Ellen and her mother had kids there and we all squeezed together. E and G weren't that interested in the movie. The only thing they got was "momma mia" from one of the previews. But Horton was an elephant and he had a flower. We left before it was over and came back to my house. We tried to get G to rest, but that's always a losing battle. We went to the movie at the Ned library - Madagascar 2 and they were better than last week. Then we went to play at Doornboos Park. Evan liked the ducks and geese and turtles in the pond. I'm sure we'll be back there again. We were able to come home and cool of before going to meet Mary with Evan. G fell asleep on the way to VBS, but she had a blast when she was there. She likes singing and dancing and playing with the other kids. Wednesday we're going to a library kick off party, then going to mom's to swim. Everyone's looking forward to that. Thursday is another library show and Evan's birthday. If he's with us, we'll probably go out for a special bday lunch. Scott will be off. That's the last day of VBS and there's going to be a family dinner thing. Next week will be the busiest of the summer for me. I'm at a workshop Mon and Tues, then leave superearly Wed morning for Portland, where I'll be until superearly Monday morning.

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