Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Warriors

This weekend was nice and relaxing. G spent Thursday night with Maw-maw and paw-paw, so she and mom met Amanda and me at Jason’s Deli in Beaumont for lunch. Jason’s Deli, aka, West End Wanda Warehouse. It was jarring. We ate on the patio and the weather was nice, the company was good and G behaved herself, to a certain extent. She and I went shopping with Mimi at Kohl’s where I spent too much money, and Target, where I just bought a mondo-huge box of Capri Suns. Stinking Kohl’s keeps putting things on sale and I have to buy. G now has just about every cute summer dress they have.

Saturday, G and I went garage sale-ing. We pulled in a good haul. Down the street we got a book that sings, a little pumpkin for Halloween and a pretty Easter statue. I’d like to have more Easter stuff, and I like all holiday things. We had to wait for the Civic Center to open, so we went to Nederland. At one, she got a pretty shirt, some overalls, a baby and a pair of skates. I got a 5-senses painting model. I haven’t looked inside it yet. I figure it can be something my students can do next year for extra credit. I got a waffle maker, a Halloween photo frame and some Easter tree decorations. At the next one, I just bought a trunk for $20. It’s a nice trunk – has wheels. It’ll look really nice once I get the living room cleaned up and figure out what to put in it. I think G will put her stuff in it too, but we’ll fight that battle if the living room ever gets cleaned up. The Civic Center was crowded, but full of vendors and things. Lots of kids’ clothes and toys. Of course, G wouldn’t let me look at the kids’ clothes. I got some puzzles to take the place of one in my classroom with lost pieces, several Bible themed puzzles for her and some cute little ice cream cups at one booth; a pretty framed Easter cross stitch (that I’m going to put into a nice frame) at another; G bought a toy wheelbarrow for 25 cents and pushed her new baby around in her new wheelbarrow. 50 cents worth of happiness right there. I also got some muffin tins that I needed too.

We came home and unpacked and played around for awhile. She watched her new Elmo movie a few times. I looked at recipes and tried out the waffle maker. We went to visit my mother for a few hours, then came home and went to the grocery store. Then Scott got up and we watched Wall-E and cleaned up the house a little. Wall-E was really cute. I don’t really know what kids would get from it, but it’s a cute little romance. I loved Eva. They did a great job demonstrating personality traits without speech. Showing, not telling, a great storytelling characteristic.
Since we’ve been doing the bed time routine (lotion, story, song, bed) G has been going gently off into the night and sleeping all night. She hasn’t crawled into bed with me at all in the last week or so. And she isn’t wet when she wakes up and goes to potty first thing. We’re making progress.
Sunday morning I got all of our stuff prepared. We’re not having Sunday School for several weeks, so there wasn’t anything to prep there. I printed out our stuff we’re writing to make copies of. I looked for recipes. I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen. We decided to go to the Lotus Festival after church since it was so close, so I packed us a cold lunch to eat before we went. It was ok – the same as usual. It has pretty flowers, but I don’t know why it brings people in from different places. I saw one of my students from last year and one of our former SS students, who acted really weird.
We came home; Scott went to sleep. I worked on waffle recipes and Gracie helped and played around. We read a few books together. She ate 2 of the floppy waffles.

We had soup for supper. I wanted to be woken up with the vacuum cleaner today, since Scott was going to vacuum. Instead I got up about 10 times last night to use the restroom, then woke up again to G opening her door, closing her door and climbing into bed with me. It was probably 6:30. She was ready to get up. I was not. She bothered and pestered me until I woke up. Which I am. We’re eating cereal and watching Diego.
We’ll see what today brings. We need to go to the library.

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