Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tired of each other Thursday

My husband is a saint when it comes to dealing with the kids. I would have left them (and me) at several places along our way today, but his unflappable self stuck with us. Even when I gave him my sticky ice cream wrapper and Gracie held her whole ice cream out to him wanting him to wrap it back up. He insisted that she could do it herself, but she demurred loudly that she "cain't", which drives sainted husband batshit usually. Today he just argued patiently with her that she could. I was thoroughly amused.
So today. I got up and showered. I "played" Avon until it was time for Gracie and me to go get Evan, which she was again, super excited about.
As per usual, neither one of them ate much breakfast, even though they were hungry. Our new gardener Evan watered the plants, then we watched Thomas the Tank Engine for awhile. TtTE is creepy. Like Care Bear creepy. I'll be having nightmares tonight. We had errands to run, so we hopped to it. We went by Lamar to pick up my diploma. We had an imprompto picnic on a bench. I tried to get a pic of them together, but the camera on my phone wasn't working well. We went to the movie theater after that to get tickets to their special summer movies. We had to wait a while for the box office to open, but we got 10 movies for 3 people for $15. That's $0.50 a movie, people. What a bargain.
Then we went to the mall playground and ate at that "shrimpy" place. They had fun and played until they were both glassy eyed. We went to a Blockbuster that was going out of business to see if they had any movies. Evan and Gracie both found armfuls. We didn't get them, but they had them picked out. So many Thomases and Care Bears, but no educational ones. Just one Sesame Street and no Dora or Diego's. So we got sci-fi ones instead. Evan was very disappointed, so I bribed him with an ice cream bar. I know I'm the worst mommy/cousin ever. But I wanted one too. So we all had one except the sainted husband. We came home and they watched more Thomas, got into fights until we went to the library reading program kick off. It was a magic/puppet show and once they got up close enough to see well, they loved it. There was a snack and a cookie cake, more junk food. It didn't do much good though. Gracie was asleep almost beore we left the parking lot and Evan was dragging pretty heavily too. We brought E to his mommy and Gracie to my parents and SH and I went to Beaumont for our traditional date night. Which ends now because I can't keep my eyes open.

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