Saturday, June 13, 2009

Schlitterbahn Thursday

We got up early and ate a sucky continental breakfast at the bargain motel. We’re not like Amanda and Todd – motels are just a place to sleep, not part of the package. I hate spending money on them, so it was decent, but not great. The best thing about the breakfast was the waffles shaped like Texas. We got out stuff together, checked out and headed to Schlitterbahn. Going on a weekday helps. Getting there early helps. We got a fantastic parking space. Her wagon with the all-terrain wheels helped both days, on the beach and into the water park. We wheeled our stuff in, got our wristbands and found a place to park our stuff. We stake out a certain spot in a certain little area and leave our stuff. It hasn’t been bothered the last few times we’ve been. We go back and check every once in a while, but it’s basically safe. We let her play in the kids park then went and floated in the lazy river. It was the best day. We all floated on the double floats, we all swam in the water with the current, all kinds of configurations. Gracie didn’t fall asleep this year. The best part was Scott and I both sitting in the double float and her between us or laying on me. We rode the waves together and had so much fun. So relaxing. Getting there early also helped avoid most of the bane of all vacations – teenagers. They ruin their parents’ vacations too, that’s why they foist them on the rest of us. I don’t know how they don’t realize how dangerous it is to both themselves and others when they try to stand on the floats. Dumbasses. We left again, around 3. It was a long, good day. We drove around and looked at the Strand, then had dinner at Salsas. There was a big line for the ferry, but we made good time once we were past it. All in all a very good vacation.

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