Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I didn’t have a lot of plans for Monday. Evan was staying home with his dad, so it was just G and me. We saddled up and took a book to the post office to mail, then went to register for the PN reading program at that library. G played a little bit on the playground there. There was a boy there, much too young to be there alone. I’m not proud of myself for not even asking where his parents were, much less calling the police, as mother suggested when I related it to her later. I’m really appalled at myself. I’m a teacher, for God’s sake. It’s against the law for me to turn away from that sort of thing, but that’s exactly what I did. I just didn’t want to get involved and that’s wrong of me. I’ll do better next time.  And of course, there will most likely be a next time.

We went by the PA library to drop some books off, then came home to load up and go to my parents house. My dad was off and G really wanted to go see them. It was nice. Mother made hamburgers, G pretended to eat some of one. She was fascinated with a baby swing – made them get it from the garage and put it inside for her to swing in. She was too big, but it occupied her for a good long time. Mom had an errand to run in town and we wanted to check something at Kroger’s, so we went into town. (Town, being Orange – just a euphemism for leaving Little Cypress and going into Orange proper, where there are stores and such).
We’re going to Galveston Wednesday and G is super excited about it. She’s super excited every time she gets to put on her bathing suit. She exclaims it loudly and in a shrill voice that we get to put on our BATHING SUITS. Since my parents have a pool and they were the last ones to take her to the beach, much of her beach stuff was at their house, so we gathered it up. She was too excited. We had to tell her about 20 times that we had bathing suits at our house to bring and didn’t need the ones from there. I got 2 hats from Dad for Scott and me. (Our summer stuff disappears in the garage every year. It’s not just that Scott can’t find it; I can’t find it either, so we have to re-buy swim shoes, etc. Pitiful) I took her collapsible chair, her floaties and she insisted on a swim ring, which I don’t think she needed.
The real fun started when we got home, though. We are only staying one night, so we don’t need too much, but we were talking about it and going ahead and packing some stuff up. She was very much into that part. She comes into the living room with her arms full of clothes from her drawers, declaring that these were her clothes for Galveston. Sainted hubby was trying to talk her into putting the clothes back and putting on her pjs for the night. She asked him,” Are we going to Galveston in our night-nights?” She wanted to go right then and was upset that she wasn’t able to do so. She was running around “helping.” I sent Scott out to clean out the car, which was a wreck. She got him a plastic bag to put trash in and went with him. She came back inside wearing her night-nights, her Easter hat, blue shoes and her unicorn backpack. I wish I had gotten pictures. As Scott was putting away the things he had collected from the car, she was also going through the basket, putting what she could on and playing with the rest.
Her beach toys were still in the living room, and I told her to bring them outside to her daddy so he can put them in the car. She gathered them up in her arms and wanted me to get up and open the back door for her. I was busy, so she dropped the toys, ran to the back door, opened it, then came back for the toys. What a problem-solver!!! I was so proud.

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