Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Madagascar movie day

Today was our first foray into our movie Tuesdays. There were a lot of kids there. Schools and day cares and groups in matching shirts. I brought us some baggies to share popcorn and some sippie cups to share a drink, which worked out ok. We shared a large popcorn (will get smaller next time) and a large icee, which was gone quickly. We’ll probably go with a real drink next time; it will last longer. I overestimated the attention span of Gracie for a movie that we’ve seen 15 thousand times already. She doesn’t like to sit still or alone. She was pretty much badly behaved at both movie attempts. Next time we’ll also sit closer to the bottom and on the edge because they both had to go potty. At separate times. And I think me reading on my phone disturbed the people behind us. All the kids enjoyed it, I think. They all like to Move It with King Julian.
We came home and ate some pizza, then they played. I should have had them take a nap first. There were sounds that I imagine are usual coming from G’s room. She’s really particular about having the door closed to keep Lily from pooping in there. There was some happy, some upset, as in someone took this from me kind of thing. I wasn’t asked to come and officiate, but I did check in some. I guess this is Evan’s one chance to be the big brother and G needs to learn to get along with other kids in her house. We watered the plants. One thing that I’m going to try to break Evan from is gloating. The “look what I have, I have it and you can’t have it” type of thing. Like Gracie would even care if he didn’t point it out to her. I’m sure it’s done to him on a regular basis, that and “mine is biggest.” Who cares? It’s going on your mouth, there is more, who cares how big it is? Just a way to cause strife.
But they’re funny together. They spent some time before the box office opened and the area got crowded to run from me to the wall. Seeing him go (I’m the fastest, see I’m the fastest, Gracie, see I’m the fastest. No shit Sherlock, you’re a year older and inches taller.) then her following behind, blonde curls bouncing.
So cute to be so bad. We went to another movie at the Nederland library. We had to leave early because G was bad. She was tired. So we went home and she had to lie on the couch for awhile. She didn’t do that very well. She finally disappeared into her room, then Evan stopped playing his game and disappeared with her. They played for awhile. Then we had some watermelon and brought Evan back to his mother.
Gracie did not fall asleep on the way home, nor did she want to lie down. She ate more watermelon and demanded a sprite, which was new for her. Her daddy is reading her a book now before her bedtime.

I finished listening to a book called the Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin. I enjoyed it a lot, though if I had been reading it, I would have skipped a lot more than I did on the CD. If I knew more about history, or cared more, I would have been disturbed with the anachronisms. It’s set in the 1100s. It seemed like 2 different stories. There was a gory murder mystery, then a kind of romance toward the end. The main character was a female forensic pathologist. In the 1100s. Called in to solve child murders. Very interesting. The romance didn’t pan out in the end for me. The things he loved about her would be nullified if she became a wife. His ambitions would be set back if he married her. The solution was the king kept her in his employ as the death doctor and the guy became an Archbishop, a cleric, but their affair continued and later had a child. I have issues with that. The whole book was filled with religious and political intrigue. Also a lot of ignorance of the masses. I enjoyed the book, but it’s not a series I would repeat.
I’m working through the In Death series by JD Robb. There are some I’m listening to and some I’m reading. I like them a lot. Eve Dallas is a great protagonist.

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