Monday, June 1, 2009

Let's See What Happens

Today was a day. Ha!

I woke up to Scott mowing the grass after he got home from work. Hurray! To celebrate, I made us pancakes. Gracie woke up the same time I did and helped by breaking eggs, stirring and pouring into the pan. Carefully.

But first she pottied in the potty. Oh the horror of being excited about that, but here it goes. Of course, later in the morning as she was changing into her swim diaper, she peed on the floor - but the day started on a positive note.

She had a pancake, grapes and a yogurt cone for breakfast. Well, that's what she had on her plate. She didn't really eat much of it, which is ok with me.

We were going to set up her frog pool and play at home today, but I couldn't find the pump, so we dressed and went to the spray park. We spent a few hours there and she had a good time.
We went to the Post Office and Walmart, where I'm never going again. Gracie had me write down what baby dolls she wants for her birthday, which is all of them, espcially the Dora ones. Those looking for birthday presents, Walmart also had a Dora game rug that was neat, and she needs a ceiling fan for her room. And she wants baby dolls.

We struggled today together. I don't like being disobeyed and I don't like her not listening to what I tell her to do. She is fine by herself as long as I'm not doing anything engrossing or important. The minute I start doing anything productive, she starts getting into stuff - lotion and soap in the bathroom, scissors, gathering up snacks, breaking stuff, etc. I sit down to do a puzzle with her, something I enjoy and we can do together, and she wants to sit in my lap and do it, which just doesn't work. She won't take a nap and she won't stay in her room unless she wants to do so. Bedtime is still a struggle for everyone. Like now.

Tomorrow we're set to get Evan, so hopefully that will be better.

Phrase of the Day: Allrighty-roo! I've never said that before. I'm not sure where she got it from.
Ready Freddy?

Funnies : She thinks she needs corn holders to eat corn on the cob. She spends a lot of time arranging them just so, then bends over her plate to eat while the cob is still on the plate.

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